Waterfront Land and Riparian Rights Law

Maryland has many miles of shoreline, and when you live or work on the waterfront, you face unique issues. Riparian rights can be stripped from the land, and can disappear into the water or arise in places that it never was before. One may have a water view, but another may build (or try to build) in a way that cuts your view. There are unique construction and environmental issues and neighbour issues that are magnified by the water access. The bottom of the waters can be owned by individuals or the State, the waterfront itself may be owned by a community association, and everyone’s use is subject to the interest of the public in navigation and enjoyment. Access to the water can be limited by adverse possession or prescription. These are the issues to which Waterfrontlaw.com is devoted.

Waterfrontlaw, community associations and maritime law are the primary practice area of Baylaw, LLC. , based in Annapolis, Maryland.  The firm offers the finest legal representation in the areas of riparian rights and waterfront ownership, real estate, vessel purchase, tax and documentation, civil litigation and small business advocacy.   We represent corporations, property owners, community associations, vessel owners, insurance companies, marina operators, boat-builders and surveyors in Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic and around the world.

Our clients seek us out because we focus on a very narrow range of issues, and we are very successful in those areas.  We look forward to working with you.

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UPDATE – Mr.  Schwenk was interviewed on Real Estate Today Radio as an expert on Riparian Rights.  The interview can be heard here.

J. Dirk Schwenk is a Maryland Real Estate, Waterfront Property, Civil Litigation and Maritime Lawyer from Annapolis, Maryland.  He provides civil litigation services in contract disputes, environmental and zoning issues, adverse possession and boundary disputes.  He graduated cum laude (with honors) from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1997 and has been in private practice in Maryland ever since.